• Customising my 'Injured Daryl Pop'


My cosplay group leading the Zombie Walk through downtown San Diego on Saturday, 7/26/14.

© Marsha Feinberg

How cute!

Is it utterly sad that I’m planning on taking my plant on holiday with me because it’ll die otherwise? I mean, I don’t think it is but some might say it…. 

I’m thinking it should be this week at some stage. Looking forward to his arrival! Did you see those posts I did for Job?

I didn’t but I was kinda off the ball last week when it came to tumblr. will you reblog for me today and I can make sure I check. :)

I suggest then that you don’t emigrate to Australia ;)

The UK is scary enough for me and our lack of killer anything! I’m hoping Floki will get to you soon. All the US ones have arrived already. xx

These two arrived yesterday in time for the trailer:



It’s pop!Beth and pop!Lori! Made by the incredibly talented Normryl and Praxid. Thank you so much, both of you! They are so cute and very detailed.

Many important reunions (and something for a lot of the different ships) under the cut:

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They look great. I can say that because Praxid did most of it. :D 

I consider it a good year if I don’t have a close call spider incident. Like when you’re sat there and a big fucker just appears walking towards you…. 

Little snaily is growing up so fast! Going to grow herself out of her container soon!

faith5by5-1013 replied to your post: The kindness and warmth of the people …

Lovely advice, Normryl. That’s my philosophy too. In other news, the pops you and Praxid made arrived on Friday and they are AMAZING! I’m so impressed by all the details. Thank you so much!

Well they were mostly Praxid’s handy work. I did a boring base coat on them and made Lori’s bump and then Praxid went to work and did the rest. I especially loved her Lori. :D

  • The kindness and warmth of the people I surround myself with online amazes me. There are SO many kind and good people out there. Make sure you are investing in the right people for you.

I’m auctioning off Rick Pop to raise money for the charity Headway.

Three hours left to go!!!!! 

Someone should have removed that cap. 

  • Anons are on again.
  • I had some personal things going on and I didn't really feel like anon's at the time but things are good now so anons are back.
  • I'm ready to tell people to fuck off again. : D

My favourite images from TWD trailer