Thanks nice people for the well wishes.

I’m still only sipping water and I ache like crap, especially stomach. I’m just getting to know my bed better.
I’ve realised though that being off sick is really boring.

I’ve been wonderfully ill last night.
I spent from 8.45 until 3am throwing up. I got up at 7.45 for a wee and threw up again. Yay. Lots of fun. I’m off work today, hope to be back tomorrow, all being well.

auntheddy2001 replied to your post “Just had a very long chat with Praxid about season 5.  I have good…”

I’ve morphed back into a skeptic. I can’t explain why, because I’m not exactly sure. Anyway, I’m glad you’re back to liking it again! Haha!

Why can’t we all just be happy?!!!! lol. Oh well. I’m still certain than can ruin it and I haven’t had the desire to write anything up or cap episode 2 but it’s a start to not hate it. 

  • Blonde Hawkeye is still in America. I tracked him. He should be heading over soon enough. He's made progress, just not enough yet!

Just had a very long chat with Praxid about season 5. 

I have good feelings about it. :) 

Well done, TWD, you’re managing not to suck. 

I’m so happy for me. 

Watching The Walking Dead.

Let’s see if episode 2 is good. 


What You Get:

One copy of Down in the Willow Garden, hand-bound by me. 500 pages long, fully illustrated. Autographed by Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride, and (if anyone cares!) myself.

How You Get It:

  1. Reblog this post before 11/20/14 at midight, EST. Multiple reblogs ARE allowed.
  2. You must be following me at the time of the drawing. I want someone to have this who appreciates the story—not just the signatures.
  3. You must be willing to provide a valid mailing address. International addresses are fine with me!
  4. You must have the “ask” feature available for me to contact you. I will select the winner by random number generator. If that person does not provide a valid address in five days (by 11/25/14 at midnight EST), I will select another winner in their place.

Signal boosts from staff-run (as opposed to personal) Caryl/TWD/Reedus/McBride fan blogs would be appreciated. Don’t worry—I can remove those reblogs from the drawing to prevent a skewed result.

Good luck!!!!!

Reblogging for any of my followers who might be interested. 

In other news, I have a little dark bruise on my eyelid that just suddenly appeared. It might have been there yesterday but I didn’t really pay much attention. 

But it is there now. I can’t remember a tiny fairy punching me in the eye but maybe it happened when I was sleeping. 

Because I follow so few TWD blogs now and Heddy’s is pretty much the only one I think remaining my TWD overview of episode 2 is like ‘Daryl throws a jug of water at Carol. She smiles. The End’. :) 

No other characters exist right now. 

I’ll watch the episode later on. I’m just not pumped for this season. 


Family Reunion

*internally sobbing* 


Family Reunion

*internally sobbing* 


It struck me, today, that the circle with a cross Morgan sees on the tree is the same circle-and-cross Daryl saw on the back of the black car.

Dear Hawkeye Chapter 8: Epilogue, a m*a*s*h fanfic | FanFiction →

  • Thinking I might customise a Pop based on Annabelle